Nannying Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Johansson,

I saw your advertisement for a Nanny on the Professional Nannies at Your Service job bulletin board. I have four years of experience working for another family and have impeccable references. I completed an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and am certified in both CPR and First Aid.

Keeping children happy and safe is my number one priority. I keep them under a watchful eye and always make certain they avoid dangerous situations. I am good at helping them follow rules and encourage them to clean up after themselves while I help them do so.

I prepare good-tasting meals for children and take into account all dietary requests and requirements. I make certain children follow set schedules and take naps so they are well-rested. If allowed by the family, I schedule fun outings to parks, gardens, zoos and museums so the children can see their community and all it has to offer them.

I would be a terrific nanny for your children, Ben and Jeffrey. They sound very sweet and your family sounds lovely from what I read in your advertisement. I have enclosed my resume, copies of my certifications and my references and hope to hear from you soon.


Jennifer Myers

Being a nanny is a fairly intimate job, as your duties require you to clean, cook, and care for your employers and their children. It’s no surprise then, that families are selective about who they want to hire and include as an addition to their household.

Use our nanny cover letter sample and writing tips to convince families of your childcare capabilities. By now you’ve probably followed our step-by-step writing guide to learn what makes a strong cover letter — now, we’ll help you write an industry specific cover letter to prove to parents that you’re the best applicant for them. For an even easier process, use our builder to have your cover letter ready to go in minutes.

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  2. Nanny Cover Letter (Text Format)
  3. Three Key Writing Tips

1. Nanny Cover Letter Sample (Image)

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2. Nanny Cover Letter (Text Format)

February 16, 2017

Laura Scott

9412 Macdonald Avenue

Richmond, CA 94801

(510) 215-0247

[email protected]

RE: Full Time Nanny Application

Dear Mrs. Scott:

I am excited to have the opportunity to apply for the position of Full-Time Nanny for your family in Richmond. I have worked as a helping hand for busy parents and their children for over four years, and my experience in childcare and household management has directly improved the day-to-day life of the families I have worked for. I’m confident that I would make a positive impact as part of your household as well.

As a full-time nanny, I have encountered a variety of children and family situations which has shaped me into a flexible and quick-thinking worker. While working with my first family, I watched two elementary-aged children and managed their daily schedules of school, playdates, appointments, and extracurricular activities. My first family left me with a glowing recommendation upon moving, and I was hired as a live-in nanny for four children between ages 3 to 11.

Beyond basic childcare, I uphold high standards of academics and healthy living for the families I work for. I established a daily reading time for the children, which contributed to a 45% increase in their reading scores at school. When cooking duties are asked of me, I always aim to serve balanced meals for the family. In addition, I sit down with the parents weekly to discuss the childrens growth, possible issues, and general expectations.

My experience and personal skills make me a reliable candidate who will effectively help run your household. If you would like to discuss the potential for a partnership together, feel free to contact me at [PHONE NUMBER] or by email at [EMAIL]. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to meet you soon.


Ashley Corsano

3. Three Key Writing Tips

1. Show off your reviews

Show off your reviews: Families are looking for a nanny who can foster meaningful relationships with parents and children. Abruptly leaving or changing positions is a red flag for potential employers, as it suggests there were problems during your past employment. It’s a good idea to spend a sentence or two discussing your work history, including reasons for leaving jobs and positive feedback from families you have worked with.

2. Specify your skills

Provide examples of the day-to-day duties you have performed as a nanny. Driving children to school, cooking meals, making appointments, helping with homework, and pet care are all common responsibilities expected of the position. Providing details of your skills in the cover letter will give employers an understanding of you as a candidate, and ultimately will help you find a family whose needs match your services as a nanny.

One of the most overlooked responsibilities of a nanny is simply speaking with children. You want to exude strong verbal skills as children will take cues from adults they interact with, so be sure your resume is verbose and at your interview you are talkative.

3. Communication is key!

Entrusting their children to outside help requires a lot of trust, so parents want someone who can speak openly and honestly with them about the issues and milestones happening in the household while they’re away. Emphasize your ability to work together with your employer, and use a friendly but professional tone in all communications. Grammar and spelling mistakes are never acceptable, so always review your cover letter to make sure you are making the best possible impression.

Parents want someone who can speak openly and honestly with them about the issues and milestones happening in the household while they’re away.

Now that you’ve read our tips for crafting your strongest cover letter, it’s time to get writing! Presentation plays a lot into professionalism, so download one of our free cover letter templates to use for a polished application. Need some more assistance? Our cover letter builder can churn out personalized letters for you in no time at all.

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