Aqa History Essay Structure

Source style essays mainly focus on the utility and reliability of around 3 sources, both comparing and contrasting one another to eventually justify the most valuable source by the end of the essay. If you are presented with 3 sources, then a clear structure to the examiner would be to either approach the essay thematically or source by source to give a thorough analysis and maximise your marks. 

A checklist I would suggest using for each source would be to highlight in your essay the content and argument, picking a few choice quotes to show your understanding of the source, the provenance, focusing on it's intented audience, who wrote it, when and why, the tone and emphasis, and finally incorporating key contextual knowledge, such as dates and events, to make your understanding clear to the examiner. To maximise your marks and reach the A and A* grades at A-level, providing some historian's views really highlights significant engagement with your course material and will thoroughly impress the examiner. If you choose to appraoch your essay source by source, then splitting each source into two small paragraphs focusing on it's value versus limitations is key in providing a balanced essay. While some exam boards favour a introductory paragraph, others do not require one, so it is important to give a clear conclusion clearly outlining your opinion highlighting the most useful source, but ensure your refrain from writing in the 1st person to make your essay sound as academic as possible. 

For structure there are a few tips you could use: If you follow the P-E-E format you should find it quite easy. 

Introduction-Mix the question into your introduction as you introduce the topic your disscusing or arguing.

P= Make a point or give your point on the topic

E-Bring some evidence that proves your point

E-Explain how the evidence proves your point and then expand on it from there.

L=Link, so if you're doing a looooooooong essay then you of course are going to be making lots of points, so you link each one so they flow together.

Conclusion: Briefly sum up the answer to the question in a few sentences.

Then you proof read and edit and make sure you've spoken about the points/issues that relate to the question and help answer it. Before actually writing out your essay its a good idea to make a mini mind map/spider diagram so you know what you are going to mention.

Its just general info I've mentioned but hope it helps anyway :)

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