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Style Analysis of Blog Writings

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Style Analysis of Blog Writings

What is “style” in writing? After reading Strunk and White’s The elements of Style and Joseph William’s Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, I have come to understand what style is: I always thought of “style” as being your own, but through these books I learned that that’s not entirely true. “Style” is a mixture of many things and individualism only being one part, but for me the most important.

Style is a way of writing clear, cohesive, grammatically correct and true to one’s self. White says in the last chapter of Elements of Style “style in the sense of what is distinguished and distinguishing.”(Strunk and White 66) Good writing is not that hard to achieve, any one can write well. If you write true to yourself it will make your writing better. Williams talks about “your voice” and so does Strunk and White. White says “All writers, by the way they use the language, reveal something of their spirits, their habits, their capacities and their biases.” (Srunk and White 67) Williams says “Writing well, they believe, has to do with being sincere, or writing how they speak, or finding their authentic voices, or just being born with the knack. (Williams 1) Good writing lets us know something about the writer even if it is technical. To be interesting we need some insight into the person’s feelings and thoughts. Writing should be something we enjoy not something that we dread or fear. Most people, students especially, have come to hate writing because they don’t know the “rules” and are afraid to make mistakes. It seems that people are more concerned with correct grammar then content. It is important to have good grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but what you have to say is the most important. People spend so much time worrying about what their paper looks like, then what it sounds like. Sitting down to write a paper can be intimating and sometimes it is hard to organize our thoughts to put them down on paper. I feel that reading books like Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace is helpful, but practice is the key to good writing.

I had never heard of until I was introduced to it by my English class. I found the blog entries to be a helpful assignment, because the best way to become a good writer is by practice.

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The blogs allowed us to write causally as if it were a journal entry instead of an actual paper, I didn’t feel the pressure to have everything perfect. We still had to organize our thoughts and write them down, but there wasn’t that stress like writing an essay. I find it easier for me to express myself when I’m allowed to write freely.

Reading through the class Blog Writings it shows how most students dread writing. Jari says in one her blog entries, “After reading and analyzing these two books, I am not so sure that they have helped in the least. I am now experiencing information overload. I am scared to write anything, for fear it is a deviation from an acceptable format—there are just too many rules for one person to be able to keep track of them all.” Fortunately, I don’t feel as strongly about these books as Jari, I feel like they have helped me understand writing. “For me, the challenge to write clearly and with style is daunting” says Patty in one of her blogs. It seems that she is not the only one to feel insecure about her writing. “When I am asked about a rule in writing, I always have the same answer, I don’t know the rules I only know how to write,” writes Jerri in her blog. It seems like we all have to worry about rules and if we even know them. What I liked about Williams was he said sometimes you can bend the rules. “ A writer who observes every rule can still write wretched prose.” (William 197) We can still write well and meaningful papers even if we forget some rule, I think that can put some of us at ease.

Why do so many of us have problems with writing? When I think about what my classmates write about writing, it’s scary. What has happened to make people hate, what I feel is a gift; the ability to write. Is it our English teachers? Patty says in one of her blogs “The ghost of Professor Strunk will be standing behind you with his pointer poised to punish you with a smack if you violate his rules.” It is that image, that I do believe most students fear. I do hate getting a paper back, that I spent so much time on, just to have it marked all over with dreadful red ink. It is hard to feel that you have done a good job, just to be criticized. That’s what being a student is about, learning to take criticisms and putting it to good use by learning to revise.

I have to learn what I can take from these books to make myself a better writer. Both books The Elements of Style and Style: Toward Clarity and Grace come from two different schools of thought. They both have the same purpose to make a person a better writer, by giving them certain tools. The way they teach and their approach to writing is very different. One can not say that one approach is better, it is simply a matter of opinion, I think that using both methods is the most helpful. If you were to solely use Strunk and White you probably would have a very grammatically well written paper, but maybe a little plain or boring. If you were to just use Williams approach you might have lots of good ideas, it may flow, but it may need the structure of Strunk and White. I feel that Williams has a more modern look on writing, whereas Strunk and White a more classic view, that may be a little dated now. There are always certain rules that are timeless. For example “Place a comma before a conjunction introducing an independent clause” (Strunk and White 5) and “Do not join independent clauses with a comma.” (Strunk and White 5) These are “rules” that it doesn’t matter if it is 1935 or 2003 you would continue to follow them. Williams does not use specific “rules” like Strunk and White, he looks at writing in a more philosophical way and with philosophy there are many ideas, not just one.

Writing is done by the individual, therefore the “rules” must be contingent on the individual’s voice. Depending on what you’re writing and who your writing for, will depend on your style. If you are writing a research paper then your options of creativity are limited, because your purpose is solely to explain your research. But if you are writing a story then I believe you have much more room to explore different “styles”. Flexibility is key to keeping your writing fresh and interesting. If you are bored with your own writing I’m sure others will be too.

Creative writing is what I enjoy most, it is an outlet for me to express myself. My priorities for writing may be different, then the average student that just wants pass their classes with mediocre papers. I want to understand what it takes to become a good writer. I am here at Eastern Michigan University, because I want to teach English, writing, and literature. It is crucial for me to learn good writing skills, so I can teach students how to become good writers themselves. If I do not have these skills or find it important to obtain them, what kind of teacher would I be? I want to feel confidant in my ability to write and to teach writing. For me writing is truly a gift not to be taken for granted.

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