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Sample argumentative essay: Are material things essential for happiness?Against:1.

Some of the most important things in life cannot be purchased with money, such as,friendship, love, knowledge, honestly, spirituality.2.

When you have a lot of material things, people may try to rob or kidnap you, therebymaking you unhappy as you will have to live in constant fear of this happening.3.

Material things do not last forever so you have to be constantly buying them. This couldbe very expensive. Additionally, items are frequently upgraded in price and features soyou will have to trade in your current item in favour of a better one.4.

Material things tend to enslave people as advertisers try to convince consumers thatthey are essential for happiness and the more you have or the more expensive the item,the happier you will be.

Should hanging be legalized?

by Karen BoyceThree points for Hanging1.

It will stop killings because people wouldn't want to go to jail for murder knowing thatthey would be hanged.2. Criminals need to feel the pain that they put some people through.3. Hanging eliminates the cold hearted criminals from the earth.Three points against hanging:1. No one is supposed to take someone's life because they didn't give life.2. Although the person was wrong, he/she still has family and just as the family of the personhe/she killed, his family will be grieving.3. We have to remember that two wrongs don't make a right. We can't fight fire with fire. Wehave to find some other way to punish them or rehabilitate them.

CXC CSEC English A short story essay questions and model answers

This wiki book contains CXC CSEC past paper type short story exam essay questions and model answers.

We attempt to provideseveral model answers for every past paper type short story question and there is a reason for this.

We try to provide short story exam essays of different levels of writing ability and grade them on a scale of 1-6.

Presenting model answers of different levels of writing ability allows you, the exam candidate, to recognize the different levels of short story essay writing ability and the grades that they are most likely to receive.

We believe that exposure to different levels of short story essay writing ability and different essay writing styles will help you to be able to analyze your own short story essay writing better. This, we hope, will lead to you taking steps to improve your own short story essay writing.

You can join our model answers project by submitting entries to our weekly essay contest.

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