Pharmacy School Interview Essay Questions

Pharmacy school interview questions are prepared by the faculty members from the school or sometimes by the professionals from the industry. They have a keen eye and power to assess a candidate's potential through the answers he/she provides. You must understand that apart from the educational qualification, you need to qualify for the other factors as well. Take this selection criteria seriously to achieve your objectives.

The schools which specialize in the study of pharmacy provide a four to five years course. It is your duty to select the best schools in the country which is accredited by recognized universities or bodies. The various degrees offered in this course are the doctor of pharmacy, master of pharmacy and bachelor of pharmacy. To be a pharmacist, you also need to register yourself with the respective regulatory body and have a license of practice. These can be availed after you complete your course through the help of your institution where you study.

To help you feel confident, the following sample questions are given below. You can read them and prepare your answer well in advance. Get your concepts clear and head on for the real interview.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

    Give a detailed description on your background. Remember that this is the beginning of the session and here is where you can create an impact with your communication skills along with a compiled answer. It should not sound like a rehearsed content.

  • Why you want to specialize in this subject?

    Relate your career goals with your preferred subject. Also, mention why you are interested in this field of study (highlight the aspects and benefits of pharmacy).

  • Why didn't you opt medicine as your subject?

    Be assertive in your statement and clarify what is it that had motivated you to take pharmacy as your career option and not medicine. Clearly demarcate the two concepts and point out the factors which you like. Never say that you opted pharmacy because you didn't get selected in any medicine school or that your marks are less.

  • Why did you choose our school? Are you trying in any other institution?

    You have to know the in and out of the school from its course structure to the curriculum to the practical sessions, etc. Read their website or prospectus to get details on the same. Then connect your objectives, skills and other qualities with the school's structure. Try to extract the points which appeal to you the most.

    Be honest while answering this. Nobody goes for an interview in just one school. Convey that out of all the schools, this is your first preference.

  • Which is your area of interest in pharmacy? Why?

    Specify the area of pharmacy you aspire to work in. It may be in retail, pharmaceutical companies, research firms, medical providers (hospital, clinic, laboratory, etc.). Don't forget to give the reason for your choice.

  • Why do you think we should choose you today?

    Highlight your qualities, knowledge and personality traits which you feel is absolutely in sync with the quality of students the school wants.

  • What will you do if you are rejected?

    Share your next plan of action if you get rejected. This will show that you are well organized and focused. Make it clear that you believe in your performance. However, in the worst case scenario, you will try to attempt again in the next year with more preparation.

  • What do you want to do after 5 years?

    Mention your short term goals clearly. It is quite evident that after 5 years, you will pass out from the school and will hold the degree already. So keeping this in mind, state that you want to practice in a research center or a pharmaceutical firm or maybe search for a job.

  • Give some features of pharmacy.

    You can illustrate the main features stating how it:

    • Is related to health science and chemical science
    • Helps to make appropriate use of drugs
    • Serves the medical or health care industry and the patients
    • Ensures safety use of medication
    • Counsels on proper dosage, interaction and side effects
  • Which field of job are you interested in after passing out from this institution?

    The interviewer wants to know about your future plans and aims. You can say that you will want to work for a firm or health care providers (hospitals, clinics, pathology centers, etc.), research centers, etc. Don't forget to state the reason along with your answer even if it is not asked.

  • If a faculty member criticizes you in front of the entire class, how will you react?

    The reply will help to project whether you are able to handle situations of criticism, aggressiveness or anger. Point out that if the faculty member criticizes you, then it must be for a reason. Hence, you will take it positively and work on to mend it, i.e, if it's for a good reason, then it will help you to learn from your mistakes.

  • Is time management always important?

    Time management is absolutely important in all walks of life, be it professional or personal. Especially in the professional field, maintaining deadlines and punctuality play an important role.

  • Share a moment of achievement and a failure in your life.

    Talk about the most prominent achievement with details on what and how you did and what was the final outcome.

    Also, share a moment or incident of failure. Try to avoid anything that will highlight your inefficiency. You can share a personal failure in this case, which has no relation with work or studies.

  • It is extremely important to prepare the pharmacy interview questions properly to succeed in the interview and get admission in the school of your dreams. Remember, you also need to be familiar with the recent developments in pharmacy as well as the health care field including the technologies, inventions, trends, etc. The ultimate key to success is practice, confidence, presence of mind and professionalism.

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