Against Capital Punishment Essay Conclusion Tips


Starting Sentence Option 1: The death penalty may seem like [a great idea/a horrific torture], but [did you know/were you aware] that it is available in 30 states? The killing of a [criminal/wrongdoer] is something that is [permitted by the government/government sanctioned] and that is [a good thing/very wrong]. [thesis statement]


Starting Sentence Option 2: Much controversy surrounds [the death penalty/capital punishment]. The idea of killing someone [as a consequence/in punishment] of a crime seems [cruel/just] to many, but others [are for/are against/protest] it. In fact, the death penalty is [thesis statement].

  • Certain crimes require a o-strong="er punishment for deterrence and capital punishment is the ultimate deterrent.
  • You cannot rehabilitate some people and these people should be put to death.
  • The death penalty does not allow for rehabilitation or repentance. If the person is killed, they cannot fix their ways.
  • Every human deserves the chance at life, no matter what they have done and we cannot take that right away.

Amnesty International

Bureau of Justice Capital Punishment

Death Penalty Fact Sheet

When you write a death penalty essay, you’ll need to choose a side on this very controversial topic. Mention the death penalty in polite company and you’ll immediately find yourself surrounded by people with strong, decisive opinions and that will be similar if you are looking at writing about the death penalty, as well.


What is the Death Penalty?

The death penalty is also known as capital punishment and refers to the strongest punishment for a crime, where the criminal is put to death by the state. In states with death penalty, certain crimes are eligible for this punishment, but others have already banned it. Certain states are more famous for this method of punishment than others. For example, the Florida and the California death penalty has made news quite often, as has Texas.


States with Death Penalty

31 of the United States support the death penalty and it’s worth talking about which states have chosen to abolish it, as well. Four states have a governor-imposed moratorium. As you work on your essay, you can cover this information, as well as the legal responsibilities that come with the state executing people.

Despite the fact the death penalty is legal in most of the continental states, there are many people who are very against it. Even if your essay is in support of the death penalty, it’s a good idea to look at the arguments of those who are against it, if for no other reason


As you write your introduction, keep in mind which side you’re for. Your thesis statement should let readers know if your essay is against the death penalty or for it. You can keep this section fairly simple, since you’ll be going into more details further on. Just three or four sentences is usually more than enough.


The body should include more reasons behind your thesis statement. No matter which side you are on, it’s a good idea to look at the death penalty pros and cons, go over what is the death penalty and examine the Florida death penalty. Give plenty of facts and anecdotes to encourage people to think through the ideas you present.

Each paragraph should include death penalty statistics or other compelling information. For example, you might want to look at how many innocent people have been on death row, if you’re arguing for the abolition of capital punishment. If you’re arguing for the death penalty, then look at statistics for recurring crimes and the cost of housing criminals with life sentences.

There should be a minimum of three paragraphs in the body of your essay, but it can go on as long as necessary. If you have a longer assignment or if you have more to say, add a new paragraph for each topic. Remember that the body of your essay is where you will make your arguments and provide proof for them, one at a time.


Wrap up the essay with a concluding paragraph, which will recap everything you’ve said in the death penalty essay. Reword your thesis statement for this section and then give a closing statement. The conclusion should be relatively short, no more than four or five sentences long.

Once you have completed the essay, you’ll need to go back over it and proofread before submitting it to your teacher. The death penalty essay is one that tends to stir up strong emotions, so be prepared for this, no matter which side you’re arguing for in your persuasive essay.

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